I had to go for a walk in my ‘hood and describe the things I saw. I plan to suck a lot with this whole writing thing… but you know, to become good… you have to suck suck suck.


Today was such an awesome day.  The sun was still bright when I got home from work, so I slipped on my converse sneakers and stepped outside. I saw my neighbors. I waved hello. They were busy cleaning up their yard preparing for warmer weather. They have been retired for many years, and spend their days gardening and golfing. It’s the first I’ve seen them in months. Ah, snow birds. I imagine their winter home is equally charming.

The  warmth radiating from the sun was no match for the sharp almost-spring chill in the air. The only cars I saw sat idle along the side of the road for as far as I could see. People were milling about, smoking cigarettes, talking on phones, taking out trash or talking to their neighbors. I smiled at a weary woman in bright pink scrubs. She was carrying a box of pizza into her house. A rubber band held her mousey brown hair tightly. A slender almost-man with a crew-cut  jogged by. I didn’t wave  because he was looking down at his heart rate monitor and seemed extremely focused in his bubble.

The neighborhood golf course was beginning to look more vibrant with scattered patches of healthy grass. 

It was difficult to hear the kids giggling and screaming as they raced up and down the road on their scooters, thanks to  rush hour in the air highway over our heads.

Weathered privacy fences guard a majority of the old bungalows on this road.
The salty air and coastal sun tend to make everything look so much older than it is. 

The road leads straight to the locals beach, but I was stopped by a bright orange sign that read, “road closed”. Ah, construction.

I turned around and walked home.


Cube SeaI was finally removed from people storage in the form of cube farm and moved to people storage in the form of four white walls and a door.

Yes, I have graduated to the Corporate Office. The only window in this office (complete with standard issue gray blinds) looks out to the ever-expanding sea of cubicles. There are rows among rows among rows of dismal gray half walls,  lined up perfectly, one after the other, back to back.

If one saw the landscape from above, it would look very similar to a nearly finished game of dots and boxes. You know the one. It’s the game you play with another person, taking turns connecting dots with a line, trying to be the first to make the square. The person with the most completed squares wins. The aerial view would be packed full of 3/4 boxes, begging someone to take ownership of squares with a giant pencil… thus winning the game.

So, I sit in my office with the blinds closed. Hey, what’s the difference? I can look at gray blinds or gray half walls. I like to mix it up on occasion.

I sit and drone over spreadsheet after spreadsheet. I try to conjure remote interest when my conditional formatting proves useful and POPS a bright pink “OOOHHHHH LOOK AT ME. Something is not right here!!!” variance on the page. 

It’s not easy to focus on that, when I really want to focus on anything but that.

What’s that smell? Oh, maybe my feet. Why would my feet smell? Is it someone’s lunch? Gross. What’s that noise? Oh, it’s my next door neighbor’s cell-phone. the vibrations seem to scream, “AHA, and you thought you could silence me! You are so wrong. MWAHAHA.” Why do people get pinched on Saint Patrick’s Day when they aren’t wearing green? What time is it? Where is my coffee? Why didn’t my manager say good-bye? Why didn’t my employees ask me to lunch? Why am I chubby? What classes can I take at the gym tonight? Why can’t I get motivated to go to the gym? What should I make for dinner? I wonder if Netflix has sent Mad Men disc 3. I wonder when the new season will start. Has it started yet? Maybe I shouldn’t pay for cable, since I only use Netflix. I wonder how many minutes I have left on my phone this cycle. I should call my aunt back. I wonder why she had my phone vibrating so loudly this morning. I wonder if our new controller learned anything from me while I trainer her this morning. Oh, hrm.

I really need to review that file before I go home for the day.

I’ve always wanted to be a writer.

I was extremely vocal about this as a child. However, as I grew older, I became more practical and all the traces of my dreams were kept securely locked away in my heart. This change in my mind produced a successful Accountant and an unfilfilled mind.

When I was young, I made up stories about my barbies and recorded these stories verbally to a tape recorded I had received for christmas.

When I was a teenager, I wrote short stories and submitted them to magazines such as Seventeen. I also shared stories with my teachers, and loved all the feedback I received. I also wrote poetry to relieve teen angst and kept everything in a beautifully illustrated journal. I still have it today, even though the binding is torn to shreds and the cover hangs on with strings.

I started a novel when I was 18. It was a fantasy novel which involved several extremely developed characters. I still have the many binders I used for character mapping, timeline mapping, and world creation. I even drew pictures of the characters so I would have a better visualization of what I wanted to create. It was amazing. I never finished the novel, for some reason. I tried to get back to it about a decade later, and realized my mind was not the same, and I could not hold interest in the project.

I moved on to a different kind of novel all together. Again, I started mapping characters, collecting research materials, and creating timelines. I got stuck during plot development and put the project aside.

Through the years, I have had ideas hand over fist of novels I want to write. I always make note of the ideas in a “writing” folder on my laptop.

This past year, I decided to start taking writing classes. I finished one for beginners. This Wednesday, I am starting another called Descriptive Writing. I am extremely excited about this class, because I believe my downfall in the process is one of the most important things in writing. The Details.

I plan to document the course here, so I can review my progress over time. I have no plans to become published. If it happens, awesome. If it doesn’t, well… I never expected it anyway. All I want to do is express myself creatively. I want to call myself a writer. I want to write.

I started many years ago with my own site, where I updated my blog via html. Then, I discovered blogger. Ooh, it was so much easier to use. I could just incorporate it into my website. Easy schmeasy. Sometime later, I got lazy and quit updating my website. This is when I discovered livejournal! Weeee. Social Networking in my world began. I made many friends, met groups at livejournal meet-ups, and fell in love with a boy. My first and only relationship formed thanks to the interweb. I still use livejournal every now and then… but due to some crazy stalker situation, I backed away from the internet and realized I was insane for making so much personal information public.

Of course, there was also Friendster > Myspace > Facebook > Twitter.

This brings me now to wordpress.


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