Holy Smokes, Cat Cakes!

I’m an aspiring writer. Stuff related to that will be here and there, but mostly here.

I have one dog (Walker Texas Ranger), two cats (Hobbes and The Monkey), and 100 virtual iPhone fish (1 named nemo and the remaining 99 are Marlin JR). 

Edit: My Monkey died of Lymphoma in April of 2010. I miss him very much.

I’ve had more jobs than your entire family combined. I changed my degree a few times (English, Education, Biology and Business) before settling on Accounting.  My parents were completely stunned when I finally told them, “Guys, I’m graduating this semester!”

I try to spice up my job by pretending I’m on the Scooby-Doo Accounting Squad… solving crimes while looking awesome. It’s never as exciting as that, but one can (and should) dream.