Friday – brought him home from the hospital. he munched all night. didn’t throw up.

Saturday – drank water, ate a bit. Didn’t throw up until the evening. Then it was bile. two separate places. not interested in eating. Until around 8, we gave him dried chicken. he loved it. I crumbled it over his dry food and he ate a bit. He also drank water. now he is napping on the bed. His lymph nodes are still huge. he received his medicine around 6pm. He drank quite a bit of water at 9:30. There is 1/2 cup of food in his bowl as of 9:30. He ate some plain cooked chicken. Thank god.

Sunday – drank water. Ate 5 pieces of chicken. Ate one bite of cat food. Still 1/2 cup of food left. Used litter. All by 11:15. He ate more chicken later and half a cup of wet food. After his medicine, he threw up a little. A couple of hours later he ate a little more.

Monday – I woke up early and saw he was eating dry food. I opened wet food, and he ate about a quarter of the package. I left dry food for him during the day. Will monitor throw up when I get home. and make another chicken for him to eat. nodes under chin are still huge. the nodes in his groin seem to be smaller. He’s still so skinny, it hurts. chad calling vet today to see what we can do to improve liver.